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A popular cryptocurrency drops more than 90% and heads towards zero

What is the future of HOT coin

After the fall of FTX and the announcement of the CEO of the same cryptocurrency that it was in bankruptcy, the owner and co-founder of Binance had announced his intention to buy FTX as a precaution against losing buyers. The decentralized currency market started crashing, two days ago we had witnessed the fall of Bitcoin and now everything indicates that Solana is following him with a 40% loss (from $23.7 to $13.7). And in today’s article we will see the comments of influencers and computer networks on this topic.

While Solana’s nearly $1 billion (entering the market) will be unraveled in about 16 hours, approx.

And nearly a billion dollars in Solana will not be stored (entering the market) in about 16 hours.

Solana is the next digital currency to be launched in the decentralized market
He mentioned Tech Con Catalina, a page created by a Spanish influencer that shares information about digital currencies, non-fungible tokens, and blockchain. It was recently published:

– “According to Solana Compass data, within 18 hours, more than $50 million (SOL) equivalent to $933,718,089 staking will be deactivated. Will it be a selling force?

And after the recent event where FTX was going to seek help from Binance in order to contain the massive sell-off of liquidity. The conclusion came two days ago that Binance had bought FTX as a last resort. The next event was the downfall of Bitcoin and as many had already imagined, it was now Solana’s turn on this path.

Is it wise to stay calm when the cryptocurrency market gets out of hand?
Healthy Books is a Spanish influencer who shares news about cryptocurrencies and current affairs. In one of his recent publications, he stated:

– “After the collapse of FTX, uncertainty has reached Solana, its price has fallen by 40% and its future hangs in the balance. What happens with SOL? Has it come to an end?”

Solana’s levels are hanging by a very small thread after their values ​​have fallen more than 40% by this time in the morning. Many have already imagined that such events will happen this week, but the bear market has surprised them all that they are hoping that the market will organize itself so as not to suffer losses. But is it wise to do so?

This is what just happened in Ukraine.

How much has Solana lost since his peak?
Bitfinanzas is a computer network around cryptocurrencies and Web3, where they recently commented that:

– “Solana has lost more than 90% of its value since its all-time high of $259 in November 2021.”

This comparison is a bit more open and has a wider time space. In fact, all the cryptocurrencies in the market have been down significantly since November last year, when the cryptocurrency boom was 70%. Even Bitcoin and Ethereum are down over 60% since then.

And there are things that are not yet fully explained.

Diarobcoin is a digital computer network that shares news about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. And less than a day ago they were going to post about that:

– “The CEO of Solana Labs confirms that his company, a North American company, has no assets on the official FTX page, and that they have fuel to burn (in salaries and costs) for about 30 months. He claims to have learned lessons from it in 2018.” .

Fortunately to mention that they have enough money to burn salaries and expenses for 30 months makes us understand that they have a lot of money in spite of everything their currency fell yesterday. He is also very curious, since the reason for the 45% imbalance has not been clarified. Since the fall of FTX, Solana is the second cryptocurrency to fall into the market, after Bitcoin.

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