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Bitcoin will be worth 1000000

The Most Successful Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

Marcel Harman, founder and CEO of THORWallet DEX and board member of the Crypto Valley Association, says Bitcoin could become the basis for DeFi with more pools of unilateral liquidity

More options for one-sided Bitcoin betting could lead to the consolidation of decentralized exchange groups – which means improved liquidity for users, which could push the world’s number one digital currency up by more than 10,000%.

Marcel Harmann says Bitcoin has been an integral part of the broader movement drawing most people into the crypto world..Maybe Bitcoin can lead the next DeFi revolution, returning to cypherpunk culture and opening up new financial possibilities for everyone.

This merger and consolidation may pave the way in the future for Bitcoin to reach unprecedented levels, as many, such as Binance founder Cathy Wood, CEO of Ark Investments, and Michael Saylor, CEO of Micro Strategy, see it as reaching one or two million dollars per token.

For many years, Ethereum dominated the decentralized financial (DeFi) landscape, with blockchain serving as the destination of choice for many of the most innovative projects serving their decentralized finance businesses.

Recently, however, DeFi projects have begun to emerge across multiple ecosystems, challenging Ethereum’s dominance. As we look to the future in which the technical problem of interoperability is resolved, one unlikely contender for the role of DeFi power player emerges – Bitcoin.

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