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Cryptocurrencies lack liquidity

Cryptocurrencies were the most listened and offered last period by analysts and traders to generate massive money in the long or short term.

After the crash of the market with the fall of Terra Luna and the bankruptcy of FTX, many hypotheses and theories have emerged after this fact, but it does not rule out the fact that the method of earning without doing anything is ambiguous until now. In today’s article, we will see how influencers, media and computer networks talk about cryptocurrencies.

At the moment, Bitcoin is trading at $16,553, followed by Ethereum at $1,199.

Bitcoin under pressure like never before.. FTX disaster casts shadow over market leaders

Experts say cryptocurrency is not a good form of investment
Experts said: “Now it turns out that everyone who has crypto wants to change it to traditional money, and they don’t want to get Dogecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin anymore, but it turns out that the platforms don’t have the money anymore, they spoiled it, spent it doing bad things.”

It is not new that businessmen and merchants around the world continue to oppose cryptocurrencies. But let’s see it from his point of view, and then draw conclusions. First of all, cryptocurrencies are decentralized so they are not “officially regular” or reliable and can go up or down from moment to moment on demand. Second, when there is demand to sell, companies go bankrupt or sources dry up saying they don’t have enough cash. So what would happen if we bought something worth $100, and because of low demand we ended up getting $20 back? How do we take this? Well, that’s what they see more or less.

Musk does not want to lead Twitter, and warns employees to “work longer hours or be fired”

“One robbery with no response will go unnoticed by Binance.”
Jorge, a YouTube analyst from Honduras, shared his information on cryptocurrencies and financial markets. He recently told us about a little bit of his experience with Binance:

Follow up on the missing 2000 bitcoins from Binance: I just left a two hour meeting with authorities from my country, there are no records in Honduras of complaints of this kind.

What happens is that on November 2 of this year, Jorge had written on Twitter that he had had about $2,000 USD stolen from his wallet. However, it is not entirely known where he went or where his cryptocurrency went, as it seems to have disappeared without any movement. And although he went to the authorities, the answers were similar. what happened after that?

Powell has been doing very well in the past few months
David Pettaglia is a well-known YouTuber on the networks to share his knowledge of cryptocurrency and the financial market. He recently published a note on the decisions of the Federal Reserve Bank (USA):

And although many have continued to criticize Jerome Powell for doing things his way, he was the only “rational” person who thought about raising short-term interest rates from the start, which is why the US economy appears to be in better shape than other countries’ strengths. Now everything points to Powell’s desire to print a lot of US dollars or dollars in the coming months.

Any advice for impatient people?
Granmago is an influencer who is still unknown but shares his experiences and knowledge about cryptocurrencies. He recently gave advice on:

“Sometimes the best way to make more money is to do nothing, it worked for me so many times. However, doing something (instead of waiting) so many times helped me lose money. There is no more patience.”

These words are very likely to be misinterpreted, as they refer to the movements that can be made with the crypto bear market. Since we can also understand that during the “work” we should not do anything, otherwise we will lose money. However, it’s a great tip for training patience, as we still don’t deal with cryptocurrencies entirely. And it’s without a doubt one of the strangest ways we’ve seen to make money.

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