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How To Buy Digital Currencies In Saudi Arabia 2023

How To Buy Digital Currencies In Saudi Arabia 2023

How to trade oil online for beginners? There is a big difference in the ruling on oil trading in Islam, and in a lot of gossip from religious scholars, as some of them see it as forbidden, because of usury. You can trade commodities without interest, that is, without interest, and it provides you with the possibility of obtaining the goods and there is no profit margin.

How to trade oil online for beginners

So in order to keep your peace of mind in this regard, I advise you to start trading commodities with the best Alvexo trading site and activate the Islamic trading feature.

Expert oil traders generally follow a certain strategy. To understand the fundamental factors that affect the price of oil, use a trading strategy that fits their style and psychology. Every trading strategy is different.

There are many good strategies for trading oil , and in this article we will mention some of them. Any strategy needs time to fully understand and understand how it works. In this paragraph, we will explain some good strategies to you. But you need a lot of effort from you to be able to do that.

Economic analysis strategy and supply and demand analysis

When trading oil, the two pivot points. As with many commodities, the two are supply and demand. Whether it is an economic report such as a news event, press release or tensions in the Middle East, the two factors that will be taken into account are how supply and demand are affected, as this will affect the price.

Display factors

Outages or maintenance at major refineries around the world must be monitored. Whether it’s the Forties pipeline in the North Sea or the Port Arthur refinery in Texas, because of its impact on oil supplies.

The war in the Middle East has led to supply concerns. For example, when the Libyan civil war began in 2011, prices saw a 25% rise within two months.

Cuts or extensions of OPEC production lead to changes in oil prices. For example, in 2016, when the union announced its decision to limit global supply by 1.9%. The price of oil rose from $44 a barrel to $80 a barrel.

Factors affecting investment in oil trading

The oil and natural gas trading market is affected by political crises and wars, especially in the oil-exporting countries that depend on it for their national economy. These factors include:

  1. Renewable energy and the discovery of alternative sources of energy on the online trading of oil for beginners threaten to reduce its use and reduce its prices due to trends in the study of dependence on it.
  2. Online oil trading and refining for beginners is a high cost activity, especially extracting oil reserves from the depths of the earth.
  3. Consumption and demand, especially from developed countries that consume oil to operate their industrial and economic projects, such as the United States, Japan, China, Germany and the United Kingdom.
  4. Economic and Political Conditions: Obtaining oil and its extensions is affected by economic and political factors, such as inflation, poverty and unemployment rates, which lead to a decrease in the rate of oil consumption and an increase in the cost of obtaining it. Political unrest and rebellions reduce oil imports and expose imported oil to hijackings or piracy.
  5. Natural disasters and accidents: Natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, weather conditions and other seasonal factors affect oil drilling sites and refinery sites, and affect oil production rates and thus prices.
  6. Oil-producing countries and OPEC can intervene and influence the trading price of oil by increasing or decreasing production in oil-producing countries.
  7. The trading of oil is influenced by the US dollar: the relationship between them is inverse, the lower the dollar against currencies, the higher the price of oil, since oil is priced in US dollars.

How to invest in oil trading for beginners

So you can trade oil online for beginners and profit as you are a beginner trader and do not have much experience that supports you in profit from the first deal. To protect you from heavy losses, you should follow some tips in order to invest in oil trading online for beginners:

  1. Double-check with the brokerage firm you will be trading with, and make sure they are reliable, legal and reputable.
  2. Do not start trading oil online for beginners unless you have trained well and learned a lot about oil, how to invest in it, and the right time to trade, whether to buy or sell.
  3. Don’t be adventurous: it can be very costly to get into trading oil or any other commodity, so you should start with a small amount.
  4. Know the rate of supply and demand: Oil prices change very quickly according to the volume of supply and demand, and in order to ensure the success of your deal and make some profit, be aware of the prices first.
  5. Take advantage of your tools: The trading platform provides you with many tools that will benefit you in trading oil online for beginners, such as stop-loss orders.
  6. It allows you to close a position when prices are falling to protect you from huge losses, and know these tools well in your favor.

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