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The crisis of confidence in the cryptocurrency market

The global labor market is witnessing a decline in the wake of sudden events by abandoning thousands of jobs in large electronic projects. A decision, following the loss of the Meta platform (Facebook) on the Wall Street Stock Exchange, for its CEO is to get rid of more than 11,000 employees in it.

Then came the shock to speculators in the digital currency market, when the “Terra Luna” currency collapsed, and in just hours the value of all market cryptocurrencies fell by about 12 percent, to herald an unknown future and strike confidence in it, and before them were Snap, Lyft, Stripe, Netflix, Coin Biz Global, Gemini, Cameron, Tyler Winklevoss and others, all in the same industry, have laid off some of their employees.

It leads us not to think about the future of smart digital platforms and currencies, but rather to the labor market in it and to ensure its stability in a manner that takes care of all decent work requirements, in that they are real and profitable projects.

Those who follow the problems of these companies in particular will realize what they suffer from a crisis of confidence, even by their investors, that they are more like fake companies, because they are affected by the simplest conditions and collapse in crises such as inflation, raising interest rates and the decline in demand for them, and thus they take large, decisive and harmful decisions.

They are unsustainable projects, nor stability, and they may harm the economy greatly if it is dependent on them, and the reason is that they abandon their employees with this cheapness on the one hand, and investors sell their shares in them just because of a rumor or a circumstance on the other hand, and the seasonal market crisis that affects them are all reasons On their inability to withstand, future trust problems may reap risks in organization, operation, implementation, and therefore continuity.

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