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What is the future of HOT coin

What is the future of HOT coin

There are many privileges of the Holo Chain network that have brought high revenues to the future of the HOT coin, including the following:

The ability to create many applications by customers on that network known as (hApps) easy to access.
The applications built with it give the advantages of exclusivity to carry out any of the delicate financial transactions without having to rely on external protocols and permissions.
It outperforms many other currencies and other complex protocols.
This network is distinguished from other networks by its great flexibility, which enables the setting of charging amounts and others.
The updates of that network enable it to target a wider range to reach all customers who use the Internet.
This network includes more than one programming language that characterizes the trading operations that occur through it.
Holochain has bridged the gaps in many of the deficiencies in the blockchain infrastructure.
It works very efficiently and accurately in order to save the high energy consumed in mining operations.
HOT . coin properties
In addition to the advantages that this currency has, it is distinguished from other currencies by some characteristics, including the following:

Efficiency, and this is shown in the ability to complete any of the transactions that are difficult for the Blockchain to perform.
Flexibility of modifications, as the direct use of the application within the network allows the possibility of introducing some modifications to its protocols.
Speed, due to not having to sync your hApps with any third parties which speeds up all your trading.
HOT . coin prices
The forecast for the future of the HOT currency is built according to the changes in the prices currently circulating for that currency, and as a relative and not fixed, it was as follows:

Last week, the HOT currency price reached 1.23%, relative to the dollar price.
During the last 24 hours, a drop was recorded in the price reaching 1.33% and then it started rising again by 0.61%.

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